About us

After working our magic on our jewellery bench for a very long time we realised that not everyone wanted to have a lovely sentiment when they personalised their jewellery.  In fact we have had more requests inappropriate jewellery than ever before. We decided to stop the awkward emails from our customers asking if we would mind punching the Fuck into their jewellery it was decided we would dedicate a whole platform to it.  After all its only words.

Every item is hand made in our Essex studio.  Every piece of metal is hand crafted from the stamping to the polishing and the finish.  With a wealth of knowledge our jewellers are dedicated to making sure every single item is different.  We could farm our work out to factories in China or Europe but that wouldn't give the quirky feel we love about our work.  

All materials are made from the highest grade metals.  Each item is nickel free and comes with a free polishing cloth as we appreciate that you want to keep your jewellery as good as it was on the day it arrived.

No word, or quote will be refused.  If you can't see what you are looking for then we offer a fully bespoke service.

Please allow 5-6 working days for an item to be crafted.  During busy times like Christmas and Holidays please allow longer.  If you need to progress your order we offer a dedicated phone service where you can find out whats happening. 01708 857575